From the recording This is How I Sing

This song comes from Proverbs 3:24. Mark's family's cat, Jingle had just passed away much too early, and his sister-in-law gave his daughter Madison a journal to help her feel better, with Proverbs 3:24 written on the cover. It was that journal cover that got Mark started on this tune. Cindy Bennett also had a hand in the writing of this song as did Mark's cousin Emma Wright.
One of the highlights of this song was the cello playing of Elan Gleiber. He's got a great solo in this one. Elan was a senior at Saint Joe High School at the time.

Piano -Lyndsay Knepp
Vocals - Mark
Backing vocals - Cyndie Randall
Backing vocals - Matt Thornton
Cello - Elan Gleiber
Drums - Scott Marshall