The Legacy Continues...

Mark Ficks

For many years Mark toured all over the Midwest with a very cool band named "Ten Minute Warm-Up". The name came from Mark's Mom, Carol, and it has to do with tennis, since each member of the band had coached or played a ton of tennis. This was a terrific band completely made up of family members. Mark's brother Scott Ficks, cousin Emma Wright, and his cousin Peter Wright handled rotating duties on the bass guitar while Mark's Dad, Bill Ficks was the drummer. On lead guitar and vocals was Uncle Roger Wright, and of course Mark was on vocals, & guitar. During the summer of 2006 the family decided to head into the studio to record something lasting that would not only serve as a reminder of the band, but also to challenge ourselves, to see if we had what it took to record. "The Legacy Continues" is the result of that trip to the studio. The entire album was recorded in about 4 hours with the band playing together live for each track. Many of the recordings on this were done in one take. It was an awesome experience and Mathew "T-Bird" Thornton was fantastic in guiding the group through the process. Everything was recorded in Matt's studio in Buchanan, MI. If you are interested in contacting Matt, you can check out his website at

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